Disposition of subcription

The membersiup at associations and unions is liable to contribution.

1. Definition

1.1. Occupation

1.2. Groups of subcription

for members, they doesn´t have an income of his own or this is deeper as 511, 29 EUR (netto) monthly. Members with reduced subcription are obliged to authenticat the claim by model of suitable vouchers (for instance card of wagestax, income information, Bafög-information, granting for memployment pay or other)

Children and teenagers are members, they doesn`t have an income of his own and the age of 18 is not completed.

2. Subscriptions

2.1. Subscriptions are for the

2.2. Cashing

The members have the posibility to reclive her coupons of contributions after yearly general meeting. Supposition is that the members had payed the fixed contribution. If this time not observe to the members have to pay a management charg (5 EUR ). This contribution is for the money-box of the association.

3.Admission contributions

The high of the admission contributions: adult 30 EURO,
Kids and Teenagers 5 EURO