Native Fishes

Eels eating fish, mussels and slugs, crabs, insectivore larvs and worms but not carcass. You distinguish rapicions broadhead- eels and aoutehead- eels, they feeding on small animals. Our eels nust wandering (swimming) 4000 - 5000 km to the Atlantico Ocean. They spawning in a deep aromid 400 to 700 metres. And fasten they must die.
The Pike is a position fish and he shoes a chracteristic territorial conduct. He defend his quarter aganinst all rivalls. At a big offer of food you can find so many pikes in a relativ small room. It's astonishing
Sheat-fishes could be 30 to 40 years old. They live on fishes but alto they hunting young water fowl, little maminals and anphibiens. Sheat-Fishes cood be long 1 to 3 m and attain a weight about 50 to 200 kg.
Pike-perches get 10 to 15 years old. Its territory is the area from Aralsee to river Elbe. During the day the pikke- perch hide near bottom. In the morning and early in the evening he swimming at teh surface of the water.
The (River)Perch is a fish you can find in all regions of Europe. Perches live in running and standing waters too. They can adapt in foreign living conditions very good.
The (kaul-)Perch is around 15 cm long. and weight under 100 g. They live in running waters and lakes.
The Carp have a powerful, cylindrical body and a long diersal, but a short anus diersal. In the middel of Europe the Carp is around 32 - 36 cm long an weight 1 kg, when he is 4 years old. When he is a years old. When he is 15, the carp weight 4 kg andis 60 cm long. Our Carps attain his puberty in the age of 4 - 5 years. Moreover we Cultivate Gras-, Leder,- Marmor,- and Spiegel Carps Gras- Wild- und Spiegelkarpfen
Crucians are similar as Carps, but they have scale on his body completly. They are 30 cm long and grow slowly. You can find Crucians in almost evlry standing and many running waters.
Teuches 60 cm long, not longer. They graw slowely, you can angling this fishes if they are 5 years old. Teuches need not so many oxygen and lat little animals and plants.
Breams, the same name are: Brachsen, Bressen, Brassen) are around 35 to 80 cm long and weight 1- 10 kg. You can find this fishes in running waters, but also in pools, lakes and bachwaters, in brackish water too.
The roach is a fish with a heigh dorsal, red eyes, belly-, breaast- and anus fins. Roaches living in all regions of Europe and they are enjoy great popularity. Sometimes they have a weight around 1800 g.
The Rotfeder is around 25- 50 cm long and have a weight 0,3 - 21 kg. The Rotfeder cross with roaches and Güstern. But his meat have many and fine fish bones.
Schneider (look at Ukelei)
The Ukelei is 20 cm long and weight under 100 g. They live on plankton, algas and insects.
Groundlings are about 15 cm leigh and weight 10 - 50 g. They live in standing and running waters. They live on little animals in the region of bauks and shores.
The stichelback is around 6 - 9 cm long and weight but some feur gramms. He lives in standing and running waters and in coastal waters too.