What do you know about our association


The Angling association of Fehrbellin was founded in 1926. That means elder sport friends.
Unfortunately we doesn't have compositions, they put down in writing. We are much obliged if you can prove. In this time our association have 90 members, of it 17 Teenagers and 6 woman.
In 1993 was introdoced the fishery permession. Now begans strengthing controls at our waters. Unfortunately any young people and adults angling at waters without this necessary fishery permission.
In 1994 begans the partnership to the angling association with the city of Dülmen (Nordrheinwestfalen). Between sport friends from DAV Fehrbellin e.V. and AV Dulmania (www.dulmania.com/) today exist stabilized friendly amicable.
Since 2000 the association is present at the Fehrbellin Festival every year in june. We have a booth in the festival meadow and a ingenions decorated motor truck at the Festival procession. We carry out a tombola and play precision bombing. Any sponsors help to realize this project.
In the beginning of 2001 was sell the real estate from hitherto existing owner. This real estate was longer as 50 years the domicile of our association. With the new owner we could conchede a lease. So the place is secured; but our activities are little bit confine.

Here we have our domicile in this time.
Blick von L 16 Blick vom Rhin

The DAV Fehrbellin e.V. is one of few associations in germany they was leaded by a woman.
In the center of our association work the environmental protection and especially the work with our youth group is important. We want to make attractive the angling sport with trainings and angling in groups.
In the last years we have doing a good and successful work especially at many events. And to now we are solid greatness in the KAV Ruppin. We are a little association but our youth group and the womans are the best in KAV.

Environmental protection

Every year we take through a spring-cleaning at our angling finite line. It is astonishing to see that we fishing little dust, but also washing-maschines and bicycles.